In Climate Court Battle, Mann Wins Again

Mann-handled. Critics have targeted climate researcher Michael Mann's work, but failed to persuade courts to force the release of private correspondence.

Wikimedia/Pennsylvania State University

Climate scientist Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, University Park, has won an initial victory in his legal battle against a group trying to force the release of his e-mail correspondence while a professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

On Monday, a judge in Prince William County in Virginia ruled that the American Tradition Institute did not have a right to see the e-mails under the state's freedom of information laws. The Washington Post's Tom Jackman has the story, and there is some detailed background information on the case here. The ruling could still be appealed to a higher court.

This past March, Virginia's Supreme Court gave Mann a win in another case, when it tossed an effort by the state's conservative attorney general, Kenneth Cuccinelli II, to compel the University of Virginia to turn over detailed records related to his work.