Announcing the 2011 'Dance Your Ph.D.' Contest

If you're a scientist, no one in the world understands your Ph.D. thesis better than you do. (And in some cases, you're the only one who really understands it.) So how to explain your doctoral work to friends and family?

Why not dance?

That's the idea behind Dance Your Ph.D. For the past 4 years, Science has sponsored an international competition to see which scientists can best explain their graduate work through interpretive dance. Now it's your turn to participate!

The rules are simple. You must make a dance that not only captures the essence of your science but also is actually a cool work of art. Take a look at last year's finalists for inspiration. Then post a video of the dance online and enter the contest on the Gonzo Labs Web site. The competition is open to anyone in the sciences, broadly defined—engineers, mathematicians, and historians of science are welcome. You just need to be working on a Ph.D. or already have one.

Finalists in each of four categories—physics, chemistry, biology, and social sciences—win $500. The grand-prize winner will receive an additional $500 plus travel and accommodation to Brussels where they will attend TEDxBrussels, one of the largest gatherings of artists and scientists in the world, in Belgium on 22 November.