Court Releases Indian Doctor Binayak Sen

NEW DELHI—The Indian Supreme Court gave bail today to Binayak Sen, 61, a doctor who has been detained in Raipur in Chhattisgarh since May 2007 on charges of sedition. State prosecutors allege he is a supporter of a left-wing militant group, "The Maoists." According to The Hindu, the court observed that "we are a democratic country. He may be a sympathiser (of Naxalites) but it did not make him guilty of sedition. He is a sympathiser. Nothing beyond that." Late last year, Sen was sentenced to life imprisonment by a lower court. On 10 February, 45 Nobel laureates around the world signed a petition for his release, expressing "astonishment and dismay at the unjust life sentence handed down last month in India to a fellow scientist." The petition, which called for his "immediate release," described him as exceptional, courageous, and selfless. Sen works among the tribal population of central India campaigning for human rights.

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