Live Chat: Counting the Dead in Afghanistan With John Bohannon (Transcript)

A military data set of civilian casualties, provided exclusively to Science, indicates that the war in Afghanistan has become more lethal to the Afghan population, largely because of indiscriminate insurgent attacks.

Join us for a live discussion with Science writer John Bohannon at noon on Friday, 11 March 2011 EST. Bohannon was embedded in Afghanistan and helped coordinate the release of this data, which has never been publicly accessible before now, to Science. Bohannon will be joined by Neil Johnson, who heads up the complexity science research group at University of Miami, Florida, focusing on spatiotemporal patterns in collective human behavior, and Michael Spagat, an economist specializing in armed conflict at Royal Holloway, University of London.

You can read the article, Counting the Dead in Afghanistan, download the data sets and interact with a special visualization of the data, created by George Brower. (You may be prompted to download a free upgraded browser to see this page.)