Science Fair Champion to Sit With First Lady Tomorrow

No details have yet leaked out on how science may play in tomorrow's State of the Union address, which will emphasize competitiveness and innovation among its themes. But the inclusion of Billings, Montana, high school student Mikayla Nelson is a nod toward the topic. As described by her local paper:

The super-light mini electric race car she and her [middle school] teammates created won the top design award at the National Science Bowl and got their team interviewed during the competition by the Discovery Channel. The attention led to an invitation by the Department of Energy for Nelson to participate in the White House Science Fair in October, where she met Pres. Obama and briefly chatted with him about the car and showed him how it worked.

"It went really well," Nelson said. "I kept my poise."

It would be an unlikely journey for most teenagers, but for Nelson it's simply remarkable. The First Lady's box at the State of the Union address is a long way from the mobile home on Billings' South Side where Nelson lives.