Dig Fusion? Now You Can Call the Shots

Fancy yourself as an armchair fusion scientist? Well, there's no need to build a tokamak in your garage anymore. Instead, you can use the Internet to carry out your own experiments on a fusion reactor called GOLEM in the Czech Republic. And you can watch the results on a live Web feed.

GOLEM is one of the oldest tokamaks in the world still operating. And it can still produce small amounts of fusion energy. It was built in Russia but now resides at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Vojtĕch Svoboda, an engineer at the university, led a team involving colleagues at Prague's Institute of Plasma Physics that has made the reactor controllable via the Internet.

The public-access project began today, and enthusiasts from 10 countries requested 81 fusion shots.

*This item has been corrected. It originally stated that GOLEM resides at the Institute of Plasma Physics and that Vojtĕch Svoboda works there. They are both at the Czech Technical University. There were also 81 requests for fusions shots, not 37.