China Launches Center for Combustion Research

BEIJING—Tsinghua University this week unveiled a new research center that aims to tackle the twin challenges of combating pollution and developing sustainable energy sources. The Center for Combustion Energy, says its founding Director Chung K. (Ed) Law, will "do combustion research in the broadest sense" with focuses both on basic work in combustion and applied studies on topics like so-called clean coal technology.

Law, who is also a professor in Princeton University's Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, says CCE has received start-up funding of about $15 million from Tsinghua.

CCE's goals will include training the research elite and future leaders in combustion science. "Training talent is a tall order, and 10 years is a short time to nurture a scientific elite," says Law, "but we don't have much time to spare: the energy supply is getting scarce, the world is getting warmer, and viable solutions are few."

This item has been corrected. The original version said, erroneously, that the Chinese government had pledged money for the center.