European Universities Expect Lasting Damage From Spending Cuts

A report out last week from the European Universities Association (EUA) warns that recent government spending cuts across Europe in the wake of the economic slump will have a lasting effect on some university systems. The EUA paper, quoted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, describes six degrees of pain for most public institutions (universities in France and Germany actually come out ahead) and predicts that they will face "continuous change and uncertainty." Here are the categories:

  • Major cuts (greater than 65%): Latvia
  • Heavy cuts (from 5% to 10%): Italy, Estonia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Romania
  • Cuts of up to 5%: Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia
  • No direct cuts: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands
  • Abandoned previous commitments: Hungary, Flemish Belgium, Spain, Austria
  • Upheld or increased commitments: France, Germany

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