Royal Institution Leadership Showdown Looms

The spat over the leadership of the Royal Institution (RI) of Great Britain continues, with a showdown set for next month between fans and critics of Susan Greenfield, who was recently forced down from her post as director of the body. Earlier this week, Greenfield advocates launched a counter-attack intended to return her to power, using the RI's rules to call a meeting of the body's members at which they hope to replace the governing council that pushed Greenfield out. Today, Greenfield said she would consider returning and hasn't yet filed a sex-discrimination grievance as she had planned.

The RI is firing back, however. It this morning sent out a press release headlined "Top UK Scientists and Members of the Royal Institution pledge support for the current Council." The release notes that 15 institution members have signed a motion of support, including two former RI directors of the research, a former RI director, and a Nobel Prize winner. The statement adds that the current council "believes that the proposed changes to the governance of the RI would cause profound harm."