Roundup 3/17: Recharge Needed Edition

Innovation in Europe is behind compared with the United States and Japan, and while the European Union was catching up for a number of years, that trend flattened out in 2008, according to the latest European Innovation Scoreboard, an annual index compiled by the European Commission. Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom are Europe's innovation champions; Bulgaria, Latvia, and Romania are laggards.

The National Park Service yesterday published final rules on the repatriation of Native American remains held in museums. Institutions holding unidentifiable remains will be required to consult on their disposition with tribes that lived in areas where remains were found. Rules go into effect 10 May.

The Environmental Protection Agency is about to announce the approval of a new kind of spray to safely control fleas in pets.

Argonne National Laboratory, outside of Chicago, Illinois, has a symposium on advanced batteries 3 and 4 May.