Roundup 3/15: The Hunt Is On Edition

Tonight's the annual Isaac Asimov debate at the Hayden Planetarium. Its summary asks, "Should NASA return to the Moon, where man has already walked, or proceed directly to Mars?"

British universities are being forced to reveal details of animal experiments conducted by their researchers after an animal rights activist filed a flurry of freedom of information requests. 

Australia's main biomedical research agency has had to extend grant deadlines after a new online system kept freezing up and crashing, frustrating researchers. 

Whale conservation advocates cheered today when Senator John Kerry (D-MA) introduced a bill designed to strengthen the position of U.S. negotiators at the International Whaling Commission meeting in June. Iceland, Norway, and Japan have proposed lifting a ban on commercial whale hunting. The bill, analogous to a bill introduced in the House of Representatives last year, also calls for more research into human impacts on whales.