Roundup 2/25: Appeal to Higher Authority Edition

The chief scientist in Israel's education ministry has sparked a controversy by questioning both evolution and global warming and proposing that curricula undergo religious censorship. Haaretz reports that other ministry officials have distanced themselves from the Likud party member.

Today the National Institutes of Health announced seven new programs launching in 2010 with $17.8 million from the agency's Common Fund. The projects, some of which were previewed at the AAAS meeting last week include: tools for studying proteins, knockout mouse phenotyping, human behavioral studies, regulatory science, and an intramural center for studying induced pluripotent stem cells.

Two views on the crisis of legitimacy facing climate scientists from Roger Pielke Jr. (he's been on a tear) and here from former Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Chair Bob Watson

Science from the Department of Homeland Security's 12 centers of excellence will be on display at a summit in Washington, D.C., on 10 March.