Roundup 2/2: Double Take Edition

Disgraced stem cell scientist Woo-suk Hwang has prevailed in a lawsuit regarding his successful dog-cloning technique.

Climate specialist John Harries will be the first scientific adviser for Wales.

NASA gets middling marks from government auditors on major satellite projects.

Some are optimistic that voluntary commitments under the Copenhagen Accord announced this week can make a difference; others say the U.N. process of international promises is dead, dead, dead.

Adding to money provided by the United States and France, the European agency Eumetsat has committed funds to build a new Jason satellite to monitor ocean heights.

The Lancet has retracted a controversial 1998 paper that stoked fears that some vaccines could potentially cause autism. The journal was responding to findings last week by the U.K. General Medical Council that lead author Andrew Wakefield had conducted research dishonestly.