Roundup 1/15: Waste Not Edition

German officials have decided to empty the trouble-plagued Asse nuclear waste repository before closing it. Yesterday, science minister Annette Schavan admitted that the facility's former manager—the Helmholtz Center Munich—had made mistakes, improperly allowing industrial waste to be deposited there. The repository was originally supposed to hold waste from research and medical uses, but the 126,000 barrels stored there are much more than researchers could have generated, she said.

Animal rights protests in Austria have halted an experiment designed to monitor how humans could survive avalanches. The researchers had buried live, but anesthetized, pigs in snow and were monitoring their survival.

One critic thinks recent reporting on cold temperatures by the U.K.'s Daily Mail and Fox News constitutes lying about science.

Nominate your friends and colleagues for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

Scientists and industry are partnering to study the environmental effects of wave energy: see here, #M10PS00152.

David Nutt, the pyschopharmacologist and recently dismissed chief government advisor on drugs for the United Kingdom, has launched a new “independent” policy panel on the topic.