Roundup 1/14: Spanning the Great Divide Edition

The Conservative Party, widely expected to win back the United Kingdom’s government in the general election this year, pledges to delay the next nationwide evaluation of university-based research in order to determine if there is a scientifically valid way of measuring the economic and societal impact of research.

Despite a planned 32% tuition hike, the University of California says it received a  record 134,000 undergraduate applications for the coming academic year, up 6% from last year.

Scientific research organization ASTRA wants your views on innovation policy in the United States.

Instead of moving to renewable energy, utilities and industries that burn coal might switch to natural gas to reduce emissions—what some people call a "bridge" to carbon future, and others say would be a failure of climate policy. A new report details how it might happen.

Yale University is hosting a colloquium of top university presidents who are studying international science collaborations.

After taking flak for its journal Medical Hypotheses publishing an article by AIDS denialist Peter Duesberg, Elsevier is considering shuttering the journal, which has long published provocative pieces. 

(Photo Credit: / CC BY-SA 2.0)