Roundup 12/7: Blowing in the Wind Edition

The U.K. Parliament's Science and Technology Committee has asked the vice-chancellor of the University of East Anglia to explain its side of ClimateGate and detail how the university is responding to the controversy over e-mails leaked from its climate research unit.

As part of his response to a bank crisis, Venezualan president Hugo Chávez has removed the country's science minister, Jesse Chacón. Chacón, an engineer and army lieutenant, has headed a controversial push by Chavez to put pressure on less productive scientists and focus research on practical applications.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team took 9 hours to win a $40,000 DARPA challenge to use the Internet to find ten weather balloons stashed in secret locations across the United States.

Tomorrow a Senate subcommittee will hear Department of Energy testimony on nine bills involving energy and climate policy, including an engineering education bill and measures to boost wind and solar energy.

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