Roundup 12/15: Can't Keep a Good Man Down Edition

A survey of 2008 research for neglected diseases finds that India, which submitted no data the previous year, now ranks 5th in spending. While total R&D on diseases such as malaria and leprosy rose slightly to nearly $3 billion, some developed countries and small companies froze or cut their contributions.

The new Spanish Secretary of State for Research officially took office today. Felipe Pétriz is an applied mathematician who has been in the Ministry since 2008.

A group of scientists and policy experts—including officials from AAAS, the organization that publishes ScienceInsider, have left North Korea after joining the first major talks between the Obama Administration and the Pyongyang regime.

And last week the Stony Brook University announced that former White House Science Advisor Jack Marburger has taken an interim position as vice president for research at the school, which he formerly led as president.

(Photo Credit: Stony Brook University)