Roundup 12/11: Making a Better Tomorrow Edition

We don’t need to wait for the technologies of tomorrow to save energy today, says the National Research Council: If everyone switched to devices, either existing or imminent, that are more efficient, Americans could collectively reduce energy use by up to one-fifth in 2020 and one-quarter in 2030.

Fishermen around the world, a largely poor and often itinerant population, are especially poorly equipped to deal with global warming, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization announced in a new report. Small island nations and the coastal regions of Africa and Asia will be especially hard hit.

Other efforts to save fishing just got a lot more confusing. Scientists now suggest that over a quarter of all fish traditionally identified as white marlin—an overfished and endangered species—are actually "the enigmatic roundscale spearfish," which complicates efforts to estimate and rehabilitate marlin populations.

The United States should update its national vaccine plan, the Institute of Medicine suggests, and devote more money to, among other things, developing one-shot vaccines to cover all strains of influenza and developing a national strategy to reassure wary citizens about the safety of vaccines.

(Photo Credit: Shoplet Office Supplies/WikiCommons)