Roundup 11/23: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize Edition

Administration officials say they will bring a stated emissions cut target number to Copenhagen for the climate talks in 2 weeks. 

Purdue University bubble fusion pioneer Rusi Taleyarkhan has been barred from receiving federal funding from the Office of Naval Research through September 2011, reports the New Energy Times in extensive coverage. 

A suppressed University College London report questioning the provenance of Iraqi artifacts on loan to the university within the university's archaeological collections has been leaked publicly.

A "hoax" is what a neuroscientist is calling a DARPA program to create a simulated mammalian brain (hat tip: Danger Room.)

Next Wednesday, Resources for the Future will be examining the role of prizes in innovation.

The New York Academy of Sciences will be holding an event on industry/academic collaborations on science and research on 8 December.

(Photo credit / CC BY 2.0 )