Remembering Norman Borlaug

Plant pathologist and breeder Norman Borlaug died Saturday night in Dallas, Texas from complications of cancer. He was 95.

Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his efforts to develop and distribute high-yielding, disease-resistant varieties of wheat that help prevent hundreds of millions of deaths from famine in the developing world.

More recently, Borlaug warned about the resurgence of a virulent wheat pathogen, called Ug99. At an international scientific meeting on Ug99, held in his honor in March, Borlaug was as passionate as ever in his advocacy for practical research that would help farmers, especially poor ones.

From the standing ovations he received to the constant crowds of admiring scientists clustered around his wheelchair, it was clear that Borlaug was an inspiration. In May, Science posted an audio slide-show highlighting his life's work.