Lords Want U.K. to Prepare for Future With Genomic Medicine

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in the U.K. Parliament has come out with a new report on genomic medicine. The report expresses concern about at-home direct-to-consumer genetic tests and calls upon the U.K. government to produce a new "white paper" looking at how personalized, genome-based medicine will affect the National Health Service.

The report also calls for improvements to the European Union's regulations on conducting clinical trials, a source of frustration to many researchers. According to a statement from Rory Collins, co-director of Oxford University's Clinical Trial Service Unit: "The EU Clinical Trials Directive is a serious obstacle to important medical research and, as a consequence, it is harming patients in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. I strongly endorse the recommendation that the Government should revise the UK implementation of the EU Clinical Trials Directive and should work closely with the European Commission to revise the Directive in order to make it less obstructive to research. In making these changes, as is also recommended by the Lords, it is essential that the Government involve researchers who have experience in conducting successful clinical trials that have improved the efficacy and safety of patient care."

Update: Here's a short video with Lord Patel, chair of the committee, discussing the report.