Rock-It Scientists

A Geoffrey Beene ad campaign in the June issue of GQ features 11 biomedical scientists (all men) posing with rock stars such as Seal and Sheryl Crow. Why? It seems that the clothing company has a foundation that funds medical research. The campaign aims "to honor the researchers who are saving our lives, to make science rock as a career choice for the next generation, and to raise [stars'] platinum voices in demand for future research funding," the ad says. Coming soon on a Web site, visitors will be able nominate their favorite science rock star or sign a petition asking Congress to increase funding for medical research. This shot features Alzheimer's researcher Rudy Tanzi, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, and geneticist Francis Collins, who seems to be everywhere these days as rumors grow ever louder that he will soon be nominated as director of the National Institutes of Health. (For more details, see the Science Careers blog's take on the ad.)