Announcing Origins, Science's New Evolution Blog

If Charles Darwin had had a laptop, he probably would have been a blogger--so eager was his desire to disseminate and discuss his ideas with the world. In this spirit, Science yesterday launched a new blog, Origins. Via weekly posts, our writers and editors, as well as guest researchers and blog readers, will share their thoughts, not just about the origin of species but also about key nodes throughout the evolution of life, just as Darwin did. Our bloggers will be introducing the people and processes behind the research, as well as other "Origins" themes. We welcome your comments and your feedback.

Also be sure to check out the magazine, which this week published the first essay of a monthly series celebrating Darwin. In the 9 January issue, author and evolution expert Carl Zimmer tackles the origin of life on Earth. Although Darwin considered it impossible to reconstruct how life began, researchers today are making headway in coming up with molecules and cells akin to what existed in those earliest days.