President elect. Ralph Cicerone will become the 21st president of the National Academy of Sciences.

National Academy of Sciences Elects New President

The National Academy of Sciences has elected Ralph Cicerone as its 21st president. Cicerone, who has been chancellor of the University of California (UC), Irvine, since 1998, will begin his 6-year term on 1 July. He takes over from Bruce Alberts, who has served two terms.

Cicerone, 61, has studied atmospheric chemistry and climate change, helping to identify the role of nitrous oxide and methane in global warming. He will resign his post at the end of the academic year.

Alberts said he was "very pleased that [Cicerone] has been elected and is willing to do this job. He has been a major volunteer for many of our activities and I am sure he will do a better job than I have." As for his future plans, Alberts said he will be going back to teach in California, where he remains on the faculty of UC, San Francisco, and looked forward to "improving the quality of science there, in a different capacity."

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