Happy Birthday to Us!

ScienceNOW first appeared 5 years ago today. Since then, we've posted more than 5000 stories about new findings, science policy, and events from the world of research. Here we present a small sample of some of our favorites: significant and entertaining pieces from Science staff and our network of contributors all over the world. Take a look back at the first report about cloned sheep, the acoustics of Civil War battles, bizarre animal mating habits, and lots more.

Enjoy, and come back often for the latest news. If you have ideas about how to improve the site, drop us a line at science-now@aaas.org.

Snail Sex Improved by Love Dart
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Splitting the Rent, Keeping the Peace
Why You Need Nostrils
The Elvis of E. coli
Macho Mouse No More
Beetles With a Deadly Aim
Extinct Reptile Plucked From Pacific
Record Home Run Chase Ends In a (DNA) Tie
Eat All You Want, But Fidget
Mother of All Cells Captured
Silence Deafened Civil War Generals
Giant Tesla Coil Unveiled
New Light on the Fate of the Universe
Floating Frogs
Mary Had a Little ... Clone
Heart-Felt Chaos
Sea Floor Tectonics in a Tub