Personalization Features

The Science, Science Signaling, and Science Translational Medicine offer users options to organize their site experience for maximum personal efficiency. Most of these functions are available to individual members/subscribers and to registered users at site-licensed institutions.

  • My Folders lets you add particular papers to a personal archive that you can revisit later. You can create subfolders within your personal archive area that let you organize articles by topic, discipline, author, or any other categorization that strikes your fancy. To start using folders, just click the "My Folders" link on the My Science, My Science Signaling, or My Sci TM pages, or select "Save to My Folders" from an article view.
  • My Saved Searches allows you to save a particular search query for use later on, and organize the saved searches within your personal folder hierarchy. Just click the "Save to My Searches" button on any search result.
  • The Science Web sites offer a full constellation of E-mail alerts, including alerts that can be customized to specific search terms or topics or for citation tracking (learn more).
  • For users of Science Signaling, you can plug into the community of signal transduction knowledge served by the sites by entering your contact information into the site's directory, and can tap into that directory for networking and knowledge.
  • Users of Science Signaling can also select some display settings that let them filter search results from the site's Virtual Journal to include results only from specific journals, or to show only results that are new since the user's last search.

If there is an additional personalization function that you think would help make your work more efficient and your site experience more satisfying, please let us know through our Feedback form.

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