Site Tools and Features

At Science, we're committed to providing users with the best possible online experience, and at making our Web sites a tool not just for browsing but for finding, organizing, and leveraging information. In this area we provide a rundown on some of the main site tools, as well as some tips for using them.

User Tools

Basic tools for exploring references, managing citations, and finding content related to a given article.


Our site's search engine, and how to get the most out of it.

E-Mail Alerts

We offer a range of content-awareness and research alerts.

RSS Feeds

Links to our feeds, and a brief precis for the uninitiated.


On Science, Science Signaling, and Science Translational Medicine you can post electronic responses to something you've read on the site.

Account Management

Our "My Account" page provides one-stop management of your account.

Personalization Features

Individual subscribers and registered users at site-licensed institutions can take advantage of a number of premium features on Science, Science Signaling, and Science Translational Medicine.