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Northeast Normal University

Northeast Normal University

Headquarters: Changchun, China

Northeast Normal University

Northeast Normal University (NENU) is a “211 Project” national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. NENU is located in Changchun, the beautiful City of Northeast China. Reputed as a “parkview school”, NENU occupies a total area of 1,670,000 square meters. The main campus is located in the middle of Renmin Street, and Jingyue campus lies in the picturesque Jingyuetan Tourism Development Zone.

The NENU’s predecessor was Northeast University, which was founded in 1946. In 1950, Northeast University was renamed as Northeast Normal University. Zhang Xuesi, the vice-president of North Eastern Administrative Committee, was the first president of NENU. A galaxy of educational masters in China, such as Zhang Ruxin, Cheng Fangwu, Ding Haochuan, had administrated in NENU. In 1996, NENU was selected as one of the universities given priority in construction in the “211 Project”.

Besides Graduate School, NENU presently comprises 23 schools (divisions), 71 undergraduate programs, 34 first-level Master degree’s disciplines, 22 first-level Doctoral disciplines, 11 second-level Master’s degree disciplines and 3 second-level Doctoral disciplines. It also has 1 Doctoral program of education, 17 Master’s degree programs and 20 post-doctoral research stations. NENU’s disciplines cover 11 fields, and form a comprehensive disciplinary structure.

NENU has a group of famous experts and scholars at home and abroad. There are 1516 full-time faculty members, including 470 professors, 570 associate professors and 390 Ph.D. supervisors. Among them, there are 17 academicians of the Third World Academy of Sciences and members of The Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, 6 members of “Thousand Talents Program”, 7distinguished professors in the “Yangtze River Scholar Program”, 4 chair professors of the “Yangtze River Scholar Program”, 5 recipients of National Outstanding Youth Fund, 2 winners of the national outstanding young and middle aged specialists, 3 members of “Hundred Talents Program” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 69 winners of Cross-Century and New Century Talents Awards supported by the Ministry of Education and 4 National Outstanding Teachers.

Three disciplines, History, Chinese and Biology are personnel training and scientific research bases of the national fundamental disciplines of arts and sciences. There are 5 secondary state-level key disciplines, 8 “211 Project” key disciplines, 1 “985 Project Innovation Platform for Teacher Education & Advantageous Discipline”. The disciplines of education and history have two key research bases for humanity and social science of the Ministry of Education. The disciplines of biology, ecology, environmental science, chemistry and physics have 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 key provincial and ministerial base for laboratories, 1 national and local joint engineering laboratory and 5 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education.  

NENU continues to strengthen infrastructures to provide students and teachers with modern working environment, excellent teaching and researching atmosphere and first-class academic information resources. Its modern library is the largest in Northeast with rich collection of books. Besides, its Museum of Natural History is a comprehensive one including the science education, collection research, cultural exchanges and intellectual leisure. Its comprehensive gymnasium is provided with the most versatile and advanced facilities.

Renowned for distinguished historical and cultural background, beautiful campuses, wide academic communication, developing academic platforms, superb working conditions, potential positions for person development, harmonious interpersonal environment and the first-class education provided by the schools attached, NENU will provide its faculty members with vast stage to showcase their creativity and academic environment to encourage personal development.