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New Product

WITec Suite

Imaging System Software

For info: +49-731-140-700

The new WITec Suite software, for WITec imaging systems, was developed to acquire and process large data volumes of large-area, high-resolution measurements, and 3-D imaging while providing speed, performance, and usability. Through the software architecture and graphical user interface an integrated and consolidated functionality is available incorporating the various techniques and measurement modes from Raman, to AFM, to SNOM, fluorescence, and luminescence. An intelligent computer resource management provides the capabilities for the generation and visualization of even large data sets. The high-speed data acquisition allows for example the measurement and recording of over 1,300 Raman spectra in only one second. Furthermore data sets including several million image pixels, each containing the information that can be generated, processed, and imaged smoothly. Another focus of WITec Suite is the improved and simplified usability. The software design provides a clear and intuitive menu guidance and an individually adjustable user.

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