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Fullbrook Systems

For info: +44-(0)-1442-8767

The Fluidicam RHEO viscometer represents a new standard of fully automated rheology measurement. It uses the well-defined microfluidic coflow principle for measuring viscosity. Unlike conventional rotational rheometers, the Fluidicam can run defined shear sweeps at shear rates as high as 105 s–1 with low-viscosity fluids of 0.1 centipoise (cP) up to 200,000 cP. This low-viscosity window is especially challenging for conventional rheometers, whose readings can be affected by factors such as low torque, turbulent flow, and surface tension. Sample volumes are as small as <500 µL, which is ideal when measuring blood, proteins, and other biofluids. The microfluidic chip dimensions ensure extreme accuracy and a repeatability of 1%. Access to shear rates and temperature sweeps is available in a single click, without the need for calibration, geometries, or chip sensors. Typical applications include pharmaceuticals (proteins, vaccines, eyedrops, etc.) petrochemicals, inkjet inks, food analysis, personal care, and fine chemistry.

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