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New Product

Next-Generation Transcriptome Profiling Assays

Thermo Fisher Scientific

For info: 800-955-6288

Researchers looking to quickly identify expression biomarkers using highly challenging clinical research samples can now use Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Clariom Pico assays—the next-generation family of transcriptome profiling tools. The Clariom brand of assays (Clariom D Pico and Clariom S Pico) include the most current content curated from the largest number of public-sequence databases, including RefSeq, NONCODE, Ensembl, Vega, lncRNAWiki, and RNAcentral, among several others. Clariom D Pico assays allow discovery of coding and noncoding genes, exons, and splicing events, including rare transcripts, expanding the potential for finding novel biomarkers missed by alternative techniques. Clariom S Pico assays enable scientists to identify important expression changes in genes and pathways. Clariom Pico assays can extract data from as little as 100 pg of total RNA, from common and challenging sample types (including formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues and whole blood) without the need for globin messenger RNA reduction or ribosomal RNA removal.

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