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nCounter PanCancer Pathways Panel

Digital Gene Expression Assay

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NanoString Technologies

The nCounter PanCancer Pathways Panel is a highly multiplexed, digital gene expression assay that offers a unique way to investigate cancer biology across all major cancer pathways. From a single tube, the PanCancer Pathways Panel simultaneously analyzes all of the key cancer pathways: PI3K, STAT, MAPK, TGFβ, Notch, Hedgehog, Wnt, Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, RAS, Chromatin Modification, Transcriptional Regulation, and DNA Damage Control. The 770 genes included in the PanCancer Pathways Panel were selected using a biology-guided, data-driven methodology that provides high confidence that the gene variance within each cancer pathway was captured. Each of the canonical cancer pathways was mapped to publicly available data sources such as Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG), Reactome, and the Gene Ontology (GO) databases. Then, leveraging data generated through The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the collective work of decades of cancer research, each pathway gene and driver gene was scored and ranked based on its biological relevance to cancer.

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