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New Product

Mosaic 6.0

Sample Management Software

For info: 508-366-2234

Mosaic 6.0 has been developed progressively over the last 12 years in response to the evermore sophisticated requirements in the management of compounds, biologicals, reagents, and standards. Mosaic supports sample supply workflows in all sizes of life science organizations in industry and academia, from multi-continent, enterprise-wide installations, to those in a single lab. The key to this flexibility is the scalable and modular software infrastructure, providing a comprehensive solution to sample management, and satisfying the need to improve throughput while maintaining sample integrity and inventory accuracy. Offering seamless integration with third-party IT infrastructure, Mosaic modules are available for: inventory tracking, ordering, and sample processing, including integration with laboratory automation. Mosaic 6.0 provides new Assay Requesting functionality, enabling sample bank operators to aggregate assay requests, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Users of Mosaic 6.0 will also benefit from improved interfaces for inventory management that enable convenient inventory search functions.

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