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Microbial Testing

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ChromaZona is a revolutionary system designed to help clinical microbiologists quickly and easily identify microbes on chromogenic plates, and then—by accurately analyzing zones around antibiotic discs—to determine which antibiotics to use to treat infection. It can identify microbes cultured on chromogenic agar from many major media manufacturers in under a minute. ChromaZona easily compares zone measurements to data from all organisms with minimum inhibitory concentration breakpoint values in the EUCAST (European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing) database. The software lists which antibiotics the bacteria are sensitive to, and by using the built-in expert rule database, provides guidance for potential treatment options in less than half the time needed to complete these tasks manually. The archived results are ideal for hospitals wanting to identify and monitor incidence of bacterial resistance, and could help improve infection control. ChromaZona is suitable for a Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 environment.

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