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New Product

Large Capacity Bioprocessing Centrifuge

For info: 800-955-6288
Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Sorvall BIOS 16 centrifuge offers an increased capacity of up to 16 L of cell culture product per run and unique design features to make working with large volumes easier and more convenient. Designed to enhance the user experience, these features include auto-door function, auto-lid function, centri-touch interface, accumulated centrifugal effect function, centri-vue remote monitoring, and eco-spin technology. The centrifuge offers the flexibility to select higher-capacity rotors or match existing workflows, with a choice of four swinging bucket rotors ranging from 6 × 1,000 mL to 8 × 2,000 mL. This product is listed with the FDA, and complies with the latest global safety standards, including UL and CE. Bioprocessing centers around the world can reap the benefits of this unique, user-friendly system designed to provide high-throughput sample processing; simple, quick setup and remote monitoring; energy savings; global safety standards; and enhanced ergonomics with every run.

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