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New Product

HiCen GT Centrifuge

For info: 800-445-9603

The HiCen GT Centrifuge has impressive build quality and is packed with many advanced features. The HiCen GT has a maximum speed of 14,000 rpm with a g-force of 21.913 × g. A range of fixed-angle or swing-out rotors are available. It uses the Automatic Positive Rotor Identification system of automatic rotor detection to ensure complete safety. The HiCen GT sits comfortably on any benchtop and can accommodate samples of up to 1,000 mL. The HiCen range features an assortment of models both with refrigeration and without. A touch panel and color thin-film transistor display ensure that all settings can be quickly input so that the user has complete control either manually or by selecting one of 30 programs. All components are rigorously tested and are quickly and easily changed. The HiCen GT Centrifuge operates with low noise levels because of its friction-free drive mechanisms and well-balanced rotor. 

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