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GeneMarker Software

Sample Comparison Software

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The latest version of GeneMarker Software now includes an integrated replicate comparison tool for use in ecology, agricultural, and clinical research. The replicate comparison tool automatically groups replicate samples within a project and provides immediate flagging to notify researchers of any discordant allele calls. The tool eliminates the time consuming manual review of replicate sample electropherograms. Linked navigation allows the researcher to immediately view the electropherograms of replicates with discordant allele calls for a streamlined workflow. There are several different scenarios where the replicate comparison tool will be useful in the laboratory, including analysis of low template DNA samples. Wildlife genotyping laboratories will benefit from the replicate comparison tool in areas such as evaluating loci for allele drop out; or to confirm putative replicates from DNA samples obtained indirectly from hair traps or dung. Users can export the concordant genotypes in a combined table, or link directly to other embedded GeneMarker software applications.

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