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Field-Flow Fractionation

Field-Flow Fractionation - A series of new products for Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) have now arrived.

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A series of new products for Field- Flow Fractionation (FFF) have now arrived. A new Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) option, together with its powerful new NovaSEC software, is now available. The new Postnova SC2000 Modular SEC option offers unrivaled flexibility in advanced SEC/ gel permeation chromatography analysis. It is the first truly modular multidetector SEC system available, allowing flexible access to a wide range of applications. The economical, versatile, and scalable SC2000 is an exciting option for the Postnova FFF Characterization Platform. Offering both FFF and SEC capabilities, the 2000-Series Characterization Platform will for the first time uniquely provide laboratories a single platform able to separate both particles and molecules. Furthermore, the PN3310 Viscometer Detector perfectly matches the high-performance 21-angle Postnova Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector and offers users a high-performance Triple Detection System for both SEC and FFF.

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