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New Product

Exosome Isolation Kit

Wako Chemicals USA

For info: 877-714-1920

The MagCapture Exosome Isolation Kit PS recovers high-yield, high-purity exosomes. Exosomes and other extracellular vesicles (EVs) are small membrane vesicles containing protein, messenger RNA, microRNA, DNA, and lipids, which are secreted by various cells and are stable in body fluids including blood, saliva, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and breast milk. These EVs have been recognized as messengers of cell-to-cell communication and as biomarkers for various diseases. Conventional isolation methods—ultracentrifugation, affinity purification using antibodies to surface antigens, and precipitation with polymer reagents—are not fully satisfactory for recovery efficiency, purity, and operability. The kit adopts a novel purification method, using magnetic beads and phosphatidylserine-binding protein to isolate exosomes and other EVs from cell-culture medium and body fluids by a normal microcentrifuge. The isolated intact exosomes and other EVs can be used in electron microscope analysis; nanoparticle tracking analysis; administration of EVs; and analysis of proteins, lipids, or nucleic acids.

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