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Epigenetic Analysis Tools

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Cambridge Epigenetix

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The TrueMethyl Whole Genome (TMWG) integrated workflow system for processing DNA samples includes all-in-one reagents for sample conversion, library creation, and indexing, combined with bioinformatics tools to enable accurate DNA modification analysis through next-generation sequencing methods. The TMWG kit incorporates Cambridge Epigenetix’s TrueMethyl oxidative bisulfite (oxBS) technology, which allows researchers to accurately quantify different DNA modifications at single-base resolution, as well as proprietary library preparation methods designed to overcome the limitations of traditional bisulfite library construction, and to improve the yield and quality of epigenetic data. The bioinformatics tools comprise a series of scripts for quality control analysis and biological analysis of the resultant sequencing data. TMWG allows customers to access the power of whole-genome epigenetic information in an integrated, cost-effective solution combining state-of-the art sample preparation and DNA sequence analysis.

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