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Cell Isolation Products

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Worthington Biochemical

Celase GMP is a proprietary enzyme containing collagenase, neutral protease, and buffer salts that are produced using avian and mammalian tissue-free raw materials, and are aseptically processed, sterile-filtered, and highly purified under good manufacturing practices (GMP) guidelines. A single, sterile, ready-to-use enzyme, Celase GMP is ideal for a wide range of cell isolation studies (adipose stem cell, biomedical, and bioprocessing) in laboratories looking to facilitate a smooth transition from bench and animal research to downstream clinical applications. Not all research applications require GMP-grade enzymes in early-phase studies. However, recent FDA guidance issued for tissue and cell products specifically cites that GMP-grade reagents should be used in drug-type validated processes. Subsequently, both regenerative medicine researchers and clinicians are now looking for GMP-quality products with a smoother regulatory approval process as the goal. The enzyme advances adipose-based research programs from preclinical to clinical levels and eliminates costly and time-consuming bridging studies.

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