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New Product

Biomolecular Imager

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

For info: 800-526-3593

Do you need to do simple gel imaging or red-green-blue (RGB) fluorescent Western blot detection, but also want near infrared (NIR) fluorescence or phosphor imaging? GE’s Amersham Typhoon is a next-generation biomolecular imager that meets all of your needs in one instrument. It offers an upgradeable laser-scanner format that is completely customizable for your specific research needs. Typhoon’s laser scanner enables you to generate high-quality data through linearity of signal response, quantitative accuracy, and extremely low detection limits (as low as 3 pg). Typhoon supports phosphor imaging, 2D difference gel electrophoresis imaging, and RGB and NIR fluorescence, as well as sensitive and accurate quantitation of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules.

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