A Real Scientist Shortage

Research Institute Kit

Although some experts say that claims of a scientist shortage are generally bogus, one place where researchers are indisputably in short supply is on the nation’s toy shelves.

The LEGO “Research Institute” kit, whose advent we reported in June, was created by geoscientist Ellen Kooijman as part of the Lego Ideas series, and it consists of three female scientists—an astronomer, a chemist, and a paleontologist—and their research gear. The 165-piece kit, which costs $19.99, went on sale on 1 August but already has sold out. It is available on back order, according to the Chicago Tribune.  

As Time reports, the kit was developed in response to added to the LEGO line several months after a 7-year-old girl sent a letter complaining that the boys in LEGO’s miniature plastic world get to go on great adventures, while the girls either sit around or shop. The new kit features grown-up girls having adventures of the intellectual kind.

Even if they are just inches high and made of plastic, it’s great to see scientists—especially women scientists—in such great demand.

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