On the Road Again

On the road

“Is your English good enough?” Gian Luigi Rossi, my former supervisor, asked as we left the biochemistry building at the University of Parma in Italy on a hot afternoon in June 2006. My English was OK—but before I could ask, “Good enough for what?” he jumped in his car and drove away. When I saw him again the next day, the reason for the question became clear: I had an opportunity to spend the summer abroad, working at the University of Zurich (UZH) in Switzerland and learning state-of-the-art purification techniques for membrane proteins in the group led by Andreas Plückthun. Later, I returned to UZH to pursue a Ph.D. in the lab of Oliver Zerbe, applying nuclear magnetic resonance to the study of membrane proteins. I'm now finishing my Ph.D. (Keep reading at Science.)

Top Image: CREDIT: Marc Rosenthal

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