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Isabella Finkelstein, Ph.D.
Professor of Biological Sciences

Is There an M.D./Ph.D. in My Future?
ScienceCareers Staff, 25 August 2006
The MentorDoctor team advises an undergraduate who is interested in practicing medicine and doing academic research.

MentorDoctor: The Next Big Thing?
ScienceCareers Staff, 30 June 2006
A young scientist asks: Should I get my Ph.D., or start my own company?

MentorDoctor: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
ScienceCareers Staff, 21 April 2006
MentorDoctor team helps a minority postdoc decide whether to stay in academia or find a job in industry.

MentorDoctor: Suffering From a Lack of Direction
ScienceCareers Staff, 24 February 2006
The MentorDoctor team helps a Ph.D. student who feels his adviser isn't helping to keep his project on track.

MentorDoctor: Making Up Lost Time After Katrina
Next Wave Staff, 16 December 2005
MentorDoctor team advises a premed major attending Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans.

MentorDoctor: No Pubs, No Postdoc?
Next Wave Staff, 14 October 2005
MentorDoctor team helps a minority scientist, a recent Ph.D. in chemistry, who feels his lack of first-author publications prevents him from landing a postdoctoral fellowship.

MentorDoctor: Should I Transfer?
Next Wave Staff, 12 August 2005

MentorDoctor: Burned Out or Just Getting Started?
Next Wave Staff, 8 April 2005
The MentorDoctor team helps a minority doctoral student suffering from "burn out" decide whether to do an academic postdoc

MentorDoctor: When Health Issues Interfere
Next Wave Staff, 11 February 2005
The MentorDoctor team helps a professor advise a student, who has a long-term illness, about switching majors.

MentorDoctor: Academia or Finances
Next Wave Staff, 10 December 2004

The Making of a Mentor
Next Wave Staff, 8 October 2004

The Clear Path
Next Wave Staff, 13 August 2004

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