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Biology in Business is an organisation that aims to help commercial and academic life scientists learn from each other. It encourages idea sharing, as well as career crossovers for scientists working in these areas.

Life scientists looking for help with their careers, particularly those based in or hoping to move to the United Kingdom, may well find the Biology in Business Web site useful. Included in its Life Science Employer Directory are links to over 600 U.K. companies that employ life science graduates, searchable by company name, location, sector, and key word. Biology in Business is based in Cambridge, so it's no surprise to find a page of links dedicated to guiding a life science job search in one of the United Kingdom's most research-intensive regions.

If you're not sure what kind of job you're looking for, try the Career Choice Guide. This simple yes/no flow chart is quite useful in clarifying the decisions you must make when picking your career path, but it is fairly basic, with limited scope outside the most obvious career choices.

The site does contain a certain amount of useful advice on various career options--brief descriptions of specific careers, and how to get into them--but its main strength is certainly its vast collection of links to other sites. As well as the numerous companies listed on the site, there are links to a number of recruitment and job-searching Web sites. If you want to learn more about the job market and prospective employers, you'll find links to information about current research, clinical trials, and patents; industry news; trade, regulatory, and government bodies; and a list of publications that you can access for free to keep up-to-date with industry trends. For those starting out on their careers, there are also links to a couple of training schemes.

The Biology in Business organisation advocates that prospective trainees get to know people already working in the field in which they are interested. To this end, those lucky enough to be located in the Cambridge area should check out the local events page for up-to-date information on upcoming conferences and lectures within the biological sciences community.

The actual information on the Biology in Business Web site itself is fairly limited, but it makes for a very useful gateway into the whole of life science in the United Kingdom. To make the most of it, you might want to join the organisation's mailing list, which you can do from the home page.

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