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If this month's Industry Insider feature on the telecoms sector has whet your appetite, you could do worse than check out the Career Space Web site to learn more about the opportunities that are available and the skills that are required. An e-Europe project backed by the European Commission and a consortium of 11 major information and communications technology (ICT) companies, Career Space's aim is to tackle the predicted shortfall of 1.6 million people needed to fill jobs in the ICT sector by 2004.

Profiles and Interviews

In the Careers and Jobs section of the site you'll find detailed information about 18 career areas. The ones most relevant to telecoms are radio frequency engineering, digital design, data communications engineering, digital signal processing applications design, and communications network design. For each of these areas the site includes a number of interviews with individuals working in the field, as well as some generic information about the kind of lifestyle someone working in that area might expect--who you'd likely be working with, whether much travel is involved ? that kind of thing. A shortcut to a listing of all of the site's interviews is provided through the interviews page.

Perhaps most valuable, however, is the 'job profile' associated with each career choice. This gives you a complete run down of the sort of job titles a specialist in the area would have, the kind of tasks they would be expected to perform, the type and level of skills required, likely career paths and prospects, as well as links to some of the companies that employ people in that area.

And if you're the sort of person who prefers to digest such information at your leisure, rather than just reading it on a Web site, you can download the job profile information from the site's ' downloads' section.

Curriculum Development

In addition to providing information about careers in the industry, the Career Space project is also trying to ensure that future ICT employees get the training that will best suit them to the sector. A committee made up of individuals from industry and universities across Europe has come up with a set of curriculum guidelines that they hope will be used by universities when designing new ICT courses. So, if you're considering a postgraduate course in telecoms or something similar, you might want to ask the university you're contemplating attending how closely their courses mirror the committee's ideas. At the very least the Career Space guidelines should give you a good idea of what you should be looking out for when you're considering further training.

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