Completely Different Resources


A collection of diversionary Web sites inspired by the stories of our 'completely different' role models.

Elizabeth Burns--Artist

The Wellcome Trust is extremely active in the field of science and art crossover with regular exhibitions in the TwoTen gallery, an artists-in-residence programme, and a science on stage and screen competition.

And the Wellcome Trust is just one member of a consortium of funding bodies, called sciart, which aims to facilitate collaborations between scientists and artists.

If photography is your medium, check out the Visions of Science competition.

Steven Macatonia--Coffee Roaster

If you're worried that you're drinking too much coffee in your quest to finish that last experiment/paper/grant application check out the Coffee Science Information Centre and the Coffee Science Source sites, backed by trade organisations in Europe and the United States, respectively, which aim to persuade you that all that caffeine is not so bad for you after all.

Meanwhile, you might want to visit the very attractive site of the Coffee Research Institute to find out what's going on in, well, coffee research, as well as the 'political' issues--bird-safe, organic, and fair-trade coffees.

Lindsay Nicholson--Astrophysicist turned Good Housekeeping editor

The Astronomy Café, the Web site for the Astronomically Disadvantaged, offers some fun and accessible articles on astronomy's hot topics, black holes, space movies, and even space sounds, along with an "Ask the Space Scientist" section if you can't get enough of it.

And to see why so many get hooked on space in the first place, take a peek at NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.

And for something completely different, the BBC's science of beauty pages will add a little glamour to your life.

Helen Pilcher--Comedian

Science Jokes is a site full of science humour collected by Joachim Verhagen. More witty than side-splittingly funny, but the seasonal Christmas Collection is definitely worth checking out.

And if that's not enough, click here for a list of links to yet more science jokes sites--who would have thought we scientists were such a humorous bunch.

Visit the CooperToons and S. Harris' cartoons galleries for a visual tickle.

Mark West--Head Winemaker

The Kiwis and Aussies are clearly kings of the castle when it comes to university courses in 'wine science'--at least that's how it appears from a quick Google search. However, if you want a slightly less intense wine tutorial, Next Wave's European editor recommends a visit to Vinopolis, a kind of 'wine theme park' under some London railway arches. It's sort of pricey, but you do get to taste lots of wine as you go around.

And if London is a little too far to travel, you can check out your 'wine personality' with a quick, online quiz here.

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