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You've read the articles and realized that you've been bitten by the commercialization bug. Now what?

Read on! Next Wave can't provide all the information you need, but we can look for other useful sites and sources.

Elsewhere on Next Wave

We've published a number of articles on this topic in the past. In particular, you might want to check these out:

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Regional, National, and Global Associations

Look up the professional organizations of venture capitalists around the world:

The National Venture Capital Association is a trade association that represents the U.S. venture capital industry. It is a member-based organization representing the majority of venture capital invested in U.S.-based companies.

The European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association represents the European private equity and venture capital industry and promotes private equity investment to investors, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, and industry.

The British Venture Capital Association is the representative body for the U.K. private equity industry and venture capital and offers a wealth of useful information on its Web site--including key facts and reports, contacts, and training courses.

The mission of the Australian Venture Capital Association is to create a world's-best environment in Australia for venture capital and entrepreneurship.

The German Venture Capital Association is the organization of German venture capital and private equity companies and representatives of foreign venture capitalists operating in Germany.

The Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association is dedicated to promoting and developing the venture capital industry in Singapore. It links entrepreneurs seeking funds with venture capitalists and angel investors.

Investment Partnerships

Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships raises funds through venture philanthropy for medical research seeking cures for catastrophic diseases--specifically, blood and bone marrow cancers.

AsiaTech is a Hong Kong venture capital firm focusing on early-stage technology investments. It identifies and accelerates the growth of leading technology start-ups and provides strategic planning, technology know-how, and practical operations advice. is a high-tech venture construction hub that provides Chinese entrepreneurs and global investors with a comprehensive set of enabling services to facilitate venture creation, acceleration, and investment.

University-Affiliated Groups

All this knowledge (well, much of it, anyway) is flowing out of universities, and not surprisingly, many universities have internal or spun-off groups that help them identify promising research. These are some of them:

The MIT/Stanford Venture Lab is a volunteer-run, nonprofit organization to foster the growth and success of entrepreneurial ventures by connecting emerging ideas, technology, and people.

The Association for University Research and Industry Links is a network of professionals dedicated to developing partnerships between higher education and industry to support innovation and competitiveness.

The UK University Companies Association represents the technology exploitation companies of universities all over the United Kingdom. The members' list gives Web site details and contact information for technology-transfer outfits at these universities.

Glovena is an alliance, founded by students at American University in Washington, D.C., between venture capital firms and leading international business schools. Currently, 25 venture capital firms around the world are working with Glovena, including firms in Germany, Israel, Australia, China, Singapore, Belgium, Spain, and the United States. Glovena has Venture Groups at two universities: American University's Kogod School of Business and the European Business School outside of Frankfurt, Germany.

News Sources

If you want to follow trends in the markets and keep up-to-date on the latest happenings in the high-tech industry, here are a few links you can bookmark:

The VCReporter gives you instant access to in-depth market intelligence. The database has information on the deals, the players, the companies, the investment funds, and individual investors.

Trust the BBC to give you a feel for what venture capital is all about.

Venturedome in an online news service for industry professionals--and an excellent resource for those looking for a job in venture capital.

Small Business Notes offers venture capital resources to small businesses. You will learn a lot about venture capital by putting yourself in the shoes of a small business in need of funds. is an Internet hub for the worldwide private equity and finance community. The Web site provides online access to investment opportunities, professional journals, research databases, and educational resources for professional training.

Finally, an Invitation

We've found that Next Wave readers are excellent resources too, so if you know of an Internet-based resource that might be added to this page, drop us a note and tell us your idea.

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