BioMed-Singapore: A One-Stop Shop for Information on Biomedical Sciences in Singapore

B ioMed-Singapore is a one-stop shop for information on biomedical sciences in Singapore. Hosted by Singapore's Economic Development Board and the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (both of which are sponsors of Next Wave Singapore), the site serves as a portal for information on government initiatives, fellowships and funding resources for scientists, scholarships for students, job offers within the sector, investment and business opportunities, as well as other related information. So, whether you are a student, scientist, or business investor, you're bound to find something of interest on the site.

The wide-ranging array of information is carefully organized into general categories that include basic information about the country and its biomedical sciences industry, initiatives set up by the government, infrastructure and support, education and career, investment and business, biomedical sciences activities, other online resources, and a listing of current events and news. Every one of these categories is further broken down into swiftly accessed subcategories for easy navigation. The subcategories are well structured, with drop down options that take the reader directly to the material they're interested in.

For the international audience, the handily placed first category, Singapore , provides a fascinating introduction to the country and its biomedical sciences industry. Clicking on the Living and Working in Singapore link will take you to ContactSingapore , a sister site that provides a wealth of useful resources for scientists around the world who might be thinking about relocating to Singapore.

For those looking for more details on existing opportunities for biomedical scientists in Singapore, the second and third categories-- Government Initiatives and Infrastructure and Support --are for you. Specific subcategories provide introductions and links to the Web portals of various government ministries and their agencies. There is ample information on logistics, legal and regulatory support, and business management.

For the younger audience--students and junior scientists--the Education and Career section should meet your needs. Don't miss the graphical career map that illustrates the various pathways to specific careers in the biomedical sciences. And if you're looking for funding, be sure to view the comprehensive list of information on scholarships, fellowships, and training opportunities offered by government agencies. To find a course that suits your needs, go one click further to the Web portals of leading local universities and polytechnics. And if you find yourself wallowing in unfamiliar scientific terminology, don't worry--the site offers a comprehensive glossary of biomedical science terms.

Need assistance in job or talent hunting? A jobs marketplace that resides in the same section provides an interface for both job seekers and employers (registration is required). Tracking down a specific job is not always the easiest of tasks, but with this dedicated biomedical sciences jobs marketplace, you will not need to scan through the entire classified section to find that one relevant position. Moreover, recently advertised positions have their own spot on the front page of this section of the Web site. And another link takes you to the New Scientist's recruitment reports on science in Singapore.

The Biomedical Science Activities section is probably the most useful one for practicing biomedical scientists. This section contains key information about the local biomedical sciences industry and R&D activities. In fact, it offers a comprehensive introduction to all the companies, research institutes, and universities in Singapore's biomedical sector. Most importantly, it carries pertinent information and announcements on the Biomedical Research Council's grants, which are a major source of government funding for public sector R&D. In addition to providing detailed explanations of the types of grants available, users can download proposal forms directly from the site.

For the business community, the Investment and Business section provides information on current financial incentives and investment opportunities in Singapore. Companies can review the range of tax and grant incentive schemes that are available. These include some government-funded R&D and training grants provided for companies to jump-start their local operations and various tax incentives for businesses. For the entrepreneurially minded, there is a good amount of information on investment funds and venture capital in the country, as well as a basic guide to setting up a company in Singapore.

To round out the site's offerings, the Online Resources section provides a downloadable version of the Singapore Biomedical Sciences Directory 2001, video clips of some recent biomedical presentations, and gateways to universities, research institutes, biotech parks, companies, organizations, and regulatory bodies. The Happenings subsection provides a chronological listing of events and news, including major events and milestones in Singapore's biomedical sciences industry. There is also a database of researchers in Singapore, but access to that zone is restricted to registered users.

Overall, BioMed-Singapore is a very informative and well-organized portal. Despite the enormous scope of content, navigation is simple and intuitive. There are few segments of the site that are more than a couple of clicks away, and the external links send you to a different screen altogether, so you won't ever lose your trail in frustrating cyber-labyrinths. Best of all, there are no flashing ads and no pop-up screens to bother the serious information seeker. Indeed, for anyone who needs to find out more about biomedical sciences in Singapore, this site offers the most accessible and comprehensive information.

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